Fingerjoint application

Applying width 20 – 320 mm (standard)

The following types of products are produced according the finger joint application principle:

  • Structural beams
  • Glue lam beams
  • Furniture
  • Components for wooden window industry
  • Formwork panels for concrete industry
  • Solid wood interior panels
  • Optimization of wood component industry
  • Other products

Practical application:

The adhesive will be applied in the joint of the timber. Adhesive application either on one side of the finger-joint, or at both sides of the jointed material.

A huge advantage can be achieved if the glue and hardener can be applied separately. This means the glue on one side and the hardener on the other side of the joint. Cleaning of (cured) glue will be down to a minimum, compared to a mixed glue system.

The adhesive will be applied in finger of the joint, by a glue matrix. Can be used with all types of glue.

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