About Mixon

Mixon started as a small enterprise of family members and with the natural growth of our business over years more colleagues have joined the company. Today we are a well-organized team of about 15 persons, all experts on their specific focus area.

Our solutions must in each extent contribute to high performing production environments, day-in and day-out. In other words our task is to assure that we manage to create added value for our customers in their production, we add a possibility, not a problem!

We achieve this by:

Know how, we have been in business since 1980

Innovation, we embrace and join the longing for development

Technical support, we are a safe back-office for our customers

Installation of new equipment, we guarantee a smooth start-up

Training of staff, the operators knowledge how to work with our machinery

Our machines, long lasting and high performing working horses

Service & maintenance, we assure production time availability by preventive maintenance

Gluing solutions


We challenge ourselves to combine our wide experience to serve the wood-working industry with a never-ending need and willingness to invent and improve.
Over 2000 well working solutions have so far been produced and integrated.

Our customers are found all over the world and we are honoured to have received the trust of so many customers, which use our equipment on a daily basis. Even though the wood working industry is located all over the world, this industry is a rather small family. The most companies are well-informed about the other players in the industry and what is going on. That’s why we are eager to succeed and perform with well-working solutions. Only this will give us the good rumours, which can strengthen further our well-known brand.